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The difference between a temporary and permanent car showroom

By 22 July 2016September 13th, 2017Retail, Automotive

In this blog, Spaciotempo gives you an overview of the differences between permanent and temporary car showrooms, in order to help you make the right decision when the time comes to expand your dealership’s car showroom.

Temporary car showrooms are modular buildings that provide a great alternative to constructing a permanent development. An eco-friendly option, temporary buildings offer a wide range of bespoke possibilities, suited to your individual needs and structural requirements.

Car showroom building design

Car showrooms play an extremely important role in selling a car. Without a well-designed, brightly lit and eye-catching showroom, you could well be driving your customers into the hands of a different dealer. In times of growth, or an unforeseen emergency, employing a temporary car showroom from Spaciotempo can give you that much needed boost in floor space.

The average car showroom building design should feature a bright, well-lit room that showcases a range of car models along with feature floor to ceiling windows, in order to create a lasting impression with any potential customers. Both permanent and temporary car showrooms can be built to adhere to these specific aesthetic and structural needs. However, temporary buildings offer the versatility that permanent buildings lack.

Once designed and created, permanent structures are extremely difficult to change. Unlike temporary buildings, which can be transformed for future events, or simply removed if they’re no longer required. For those who require a long-lasting building, permanent buildings can of course be beneficial. Though, when you’ve experienced the build quality of one of our car showroom building designs, you might opt to make your temporary car showroom a more affordable permanent fixture.

Affordable temporary car showrooms

Of course, temporary car showrooms are much more cost-efficient than constructing permanent buildings. Renting space for a showroom can be costly, without the additional expense of building a brand new building. Spaciotempo temporary car showrooms offer an affordable and viable alternative to give your business space to grow, with far greater scope to control your budgets.

Temporary car showrooms offer flexibility

One of the beauties of choosing a temporary car showroom from Spaciotempo is the flexibility and versatility. We can have a site visit booked within 24 hours and, depending on the type of temporary car showroom you require, we could begin the installation process within a couple of weeks. Our car showrooms can also be easily removed, adapted or relocated if your business needs change. So your automotive business can expand and contract as the market demands, unlike a permanent building.

Bespoke features, including lighting, temperature and humidity control, can be configured to your specifications, in order to create a well-suited space, perfect for showcasing your cars to potential customers. All this means that our temporary car showrooms can be created in a fraction of the time it would take to build a permanent structure. Perfect for discerning customers looking for fast, affordable and beautiful temporary building solutions.

Spaciotempo are experts in the field of temporary structures. If you require more information about our temporary car showrooms speak to us today!

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