John Lewis


As with many major retailers, the build up to the festive season is often the busiest time when it comes to logistics and distribution. This certainly applies to John Lewis & Partners, typically since their hotly anticipated Christmas adverts drive seasonal sales from September through January.

Due to the expected surge in business, John Lewis employ extra personnel to fulfil the increased demands on operations. Accommodating extra personnel wouldn’t usually present a problem, but in the height of the pandemic, the government introduced social distancing to minimise the risk of coronavirus transmissions.


Following the intake of extra personnel, John Lewis had a requirement for additional space across their flagship distribution centres in Milton Keynes, to ensure that their seasonal staff could enjoy breaks whilst safely adhering to social distancing requirements. Working collaboratively with the client, a decision was reached to install three temporary buildings at two different sites, to provide an extra 800sqm of additional space.

The first site featured two buildings, comprising of a 10m x 15m x 3m welfare area to be used as a breakout space. The other was a large locker facility – also measuring 10m x 15m x 3m – ensuring that employees’ personal effects could be stored securely whilst on shift. At the second site, Spaciotempo installed a slightly larger structure with windows, measuring 10m x 20m x 3m, serving as a canteen dining room which provided ample space for staff to relax, whilst maintaining a safe social distance.

Each of the structures was completed with flooring, electrics and heating – ensuring year-round use and maximum comfort throughout the colder months.

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Fact File

Who: John Lewis & Partners
Where: Milton Keynes
Building One: 15m x 10m
Building Two: 15m x 10m
Building Three: 20m x 10m
Use: Staff canteen, welfare and locker facilities
Features: Electrics, flooring, lighting and heating