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How to Increase Productivity with Temporary Buildings: A Guide by Spaciotempo

In today’s competitive business landscape, where efficiency and profitability are paramount, the role of temporary warehousing and industrial canopies in the logistics supply chain has become increasingly critical.

However, with the rising costs of land and affordable storage space, businesses are faced with the challenge of finding cost-effective solutions to their permanent/temporary storage or manufacturing needs. This is where temporary structures and warehousing from a leading provider like Spaciotempo can provide a viable, modular building solution.

We have identified several key factors that we, as industry leaders, believe make temporary buildings highly valuable assets. So… How can you increase productivity with temporary buildings?

Ability to Manage Peaks in Demand

A temporary building can offer businesses the flexibility to manage peaks in demand, provide additional space in a cost-effective way, and be a robust temporary solution that can last as long as the need requires. With an improved infrastructure and increasing consumer-led demands, the pressure is on businesses to find solutions that enable them to succeed and stand out from their competitors.

An example of how a business can react to peaks in demand is the scalability of projects. Temporary buildings can be easily expanded or downsized to match the businesses need for extra space during peak periods. If demand increases, additional modules can be added to the existing structure, providing additional workspaces or storage areas.

Similarly, if demand decreases, modules can be removed to optimise the available space. This level of scalability ensures that businesses can efficiently manage peak periods without wasting resources during low-demand periods.


One of the key benefits of temporary buildings and warehouses is that they can be used as a transition when businesses reach their storage capacity. The flexible facilities offered by temporary buildings means that they can provide instant relief for any storage or manufacturing challenges, without the need for costly permanent building solutions.

A Spaciotempo building can be easily assembled and dismantled in a matter of weeks, providing businesses with the freedom to adapt to changing storage needs.

This is particularly important for disaster contingency planning. In a worst-case scenario, tried and tested contingency plans do not operate as intended. If you find your operations in unforeseen and unwanted circumstances, it is critical to address the issues immediately. Thankfully, Spaciotempo have a wealth of experience in providing temporary buildings for crisis management and disaster recovery.

Buying Options

Another key benefit for customers is the wide range of purchasing options available when it comes to financing their temporary building. We understand each requirement is different and provide the flexibility to hire, purchase or even finance the temporary structure.

A temporary warehouse, for example, can provide an immediate solution to an extremely short-term need and be hired from as little as 3 months, or be purchased outright as a semi-permanent solution to a longer-term need.

In certain circumstances and immediate solution is required in order to keep operations running, this is why we offer flexible solutions to immovable problems. Leasing could be your solution if you find your business in a challenging circumstance. This allows businesses to acquire a temporary building without significant upfront costs.

Spaciotempo’s aluminium framed temporary buildings are available in three main product ranges, with each offering an entirely modular approach to building construction. All buildings are available as a series of 5m bays, using anodised aluminium frames and galvanised steel fixings.

A range of walling options allow structures to be custom designed to the needs of your application, not to mention options for roofs, doors, lighting and other features such as HVAC, partitioning, fit out and branding. Spaciotempo’s aluminium frame is manufactured in-house at our own production facility and comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

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Reduce Double-Handling of Goods

By using temporary storage and warehouse facilities, businesses can also reduce double-handling of goods, which can improve productivity and efficiency across all stages of the logistics process. This is because temporary buildings can be built closer to production areas, reducing the need for transportation between production and storage facilities. This can also reduce the risk of damage to goods during transportation, as well as decrease the time and cost associated with transporting goods between facilities.

Fully Customisable

Furthermore, Spaciotempo offers a range of fully customisable temporary buildings designed to meet the unique needs of each business. These buildings can be equipped with various options, including lighting, heating, and ventilation systems, to maintain optimal conditions for stored goods. Additionally, businesses can opt for the installation of features like racking and mezzanine flooring decks to maximise storage space and improve efficiency. This comprehensive approach provides peace of mind, as goods are kept safe and secure. For example, industries which may require special requirements could be as followed.

For manufacturers, temporary buildings can be fitted with advanced climate control systems, ensuring optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality. This feature is crucial for sensitive production processes or the storage of perishable goods. By maintaining a controlled environment, manufacturers can prevent products from becoming damaged and reduce downtime caused by unfavourable working conditions, ultimately increasing productivity.

If your business is in the public sector and in need of a temporary medical facility, temporary classroom, temporary storage for vehicles or secure covered walkways, Spaciotempo are at hand to cater to your exact requirements and help you increase productivity with our temporary buildings. We can deliver customisable temporary infrastructure to suit any public sector organisation and with the strictest confidentiality, as required.


Working alongside Spaciotempo, a specialist in temporary buildings, can provide you with the insight and reliability necessary to ensure a smooth construction process. Our team of highly skilled professionals has extensive knowledge in constructing temporary buildings. Each member, whether it’s our proficient project managers, skilled CAD design team, or specialist in-house installation team, possesses a wealth of expertise.

Our commitment lies in deploying our own qualified operations teams exclusively for the installation and dismantling of our temporary structures. This guarantees that you can trust a well-trained team that adheres to health and safety regulations while consistently exhibiting professionalism. A Spaciotempo temporary building is inherently versatile and can be configured for use in any industry. We can tailor your solution to meet precise specifications.

From sports halls to large warehouses, Spaciotempo are able to offer support at every stage of the journey. Whether you need a site visit to understand how a temporary build can benefit you or professional guidance for understanding planning permission, Spaciotempo can provide the knowledge and you need.


With the freedom to adapt to changing storage needs and the ability to improve production efficiencies, temporary and semi-permanent buildings can provide the breathing space businesses need to succeed and thrive in today’s challenging economic environment.

In summary, temporary storage spaces and warehouses from Spaciotempo offer businesses a cost-effective and flexible solution to their storage needs when compared to a permanent structure. By reducing double handling of goods and improving productivity at the logistics stage, a temporary building can give businesses the agility to maintain their profit margins and compete in a crowded and competitive environment. So, if your business is in transition, or looking to expand and grow, consider a temporary building from Spaciotempo as a viable solution.

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