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Ingenious ways to extend your warehouse space

By 30 November 2017Warehousing

Ingenious ways to extend your warehouse space

There comes a time in all businesses where you may have to think about extending your warehouse capacity. This might be due to increased demand or a change in circumstances. At Spaciotempo, we offer a range of temporary warehouse solutions to suit a range of requirements.

With space at a premium, a permanent building may well not be an option for you and your business. Which is why we’ve come up with a number of ingenious solutions to extend your warehousing capacity – the Spaciotempo way!

1. Flexible warehouse space – in any direction!

Our flexible temporary warehouse extensions offer you the freedom to extend your temporary warehouse in any direction. The only limitation to this is the size of your site. You can even link one of our temporary warehouse buildings to an existing permanent building.

2. Agile’ temporary warehouse extensions

Our agile building extensions are just that – agile! With an agile building extension, you can link several temporary warehouse buildings together, by their guttering, giving you even more floor space for additional operations or storage. At Spaciotempo, we can also install a wide range of access options, from roller shutters through to retractable tunnels.

3. Industrial canopy storage

If your needs are more modest, and you don’t want to plump for a full-blown temporary warehouse building, then an industrial canopy might be for you. Available as roof only configurations, or open on one or two sides, depending on how much protection is required, these flexible and cost-effective solutions can be installed and ready to fulfil your warehouse extension needs in no time.

Compare and contrast but remember that at Spaciotempo we really do understand how hard it can be to ensure your business facilities keep pace with growing or shrinking demands. Our flexible and scalable solutions provide temporary warehouse space that gives you the power to instantly respond to market forces. Why not contact us today to find out how we can help your business?

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