Transport & Logistics Buildings

Spaciotempo specialises in developing cost-effective, temporary logistics buildings to keep freight moving

Whether it’s loading bay canopies for haulage operations, baggage handling or security facilities for airports or customs and quarantine facilities for ports, we provide temporary logistics buildings to meet your needs.

By understanding your business requirements, our solutions drive faster processing and greater operational efficiency.

Spaciotempo has an extensive track record in designing and installing loading bay canopies and bespoke canopy storage to suit your operational and logistics requirements. Available in a range of widths and heights, our loading canopies weatherproof your loading operations, protecting goods and staff, and when fitted with lighting, allow operations to continue day and night.

Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin Lagonda asked Spaciotempo to install a modular paint shop & loading facility at their manufacturing facility in St Athan, Wales

McCarthy Group

To give them the storage they needed to match increased production, Husqvarna UK turned to Spaciotempo. We installed their 85m by 12m temporary structure in a matter of weeks.

Farrell Transport

To give them the storage they needed to match increased production, Husqvarna UK turned to Spaciotempo. We installed their 85m by 12m temporary structure in a matter of weeks.

DX Group

DX Group

The development of DX’s logistics network, and the advent of double decker lorries, left the DX Freight operation with a problem so they turned to us!

Mars-Jones Ltd.

Mars-Jones Ltd.

We provided Mars-Jones Ltd. with a 13m by 19m loading canopy on a 6.6m eave. This included one wall of perforated steel cladding and a prefabricated Spaciotempo link, which connected to their existing facilities.

Sanoh Manufacturing

Sanoh UK Manufacturing Ltd

Sanoh Manufacturing needed a Spaciotempo loading canopy for the ultimate all-weather protection for their automotive tubing product.

Our canopy storage can be used as overflow or short-term storage, allowing you to flex your on-site capacity. Loading bay canopies are available with either a curved or apex roof. Both of which benefit from a clear and open span. This allows you to accommodate multiple double deck trailers at any one time. So, if you need a building with walling, why not view our temporary building products.

Spaciotempo designs temporary port warehousing and as well as customs and bonded warehouses, constructed specifically for a marine setting. We only use the highest grade materials to ensure a corrosion-free, leak-proof temporary port environment.

Our temporary logistics buildings can be installed as stand-alone structures, or designed with integral tunnels. This provides isolation areas for quarantining and testing. Making Spaciotempo’s solutions perfect for freight management at ports and airports.


Port of Felixstowe

We supplied a 25m x 25m storage structure on a 5m eave, linked to five retractable tunnels, each 3m in length, providing a versatile protective environment.

National Museum of Flight

National Museum of Flight

With their aircraft hangars out of action, the National Museum of Flight needed somewhere to storage their valuable collection of planes.

Exeter Airport

Exeter Airport

Exeter Airport turned to Spaciotempo to provide a bespoke loading canopy for a postal service provider operating at the Airport.

Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport

Spaciotempo was able to provide a temporary airport terminal building for the duration of the extension project which enabled security at the airport to maintain capacity as normal.

Our temporary building solutions for aviation are varied. We can supply anything from temporary aircraft hangers, which benefit from spans of up to 40m and heights in excess of 13m, to airside security and baggage handling facilities, passenger waiting areas and even storage facilities at airport logistics hubs.

Our solutions are quick to install and combine agility and short-term use, with integrity of structure and the highest standards of security.

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