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Spaciotempo has moved up a gear in vehicle storage solutions!

By 1 July 2016September 13th, 2017Retail, Retractable Tunnels, Automotive

If you want somewhere to safely store your vehicle away from the elements, and a permanent building isn’t an option, then our temporary portable garages and carports are just the job! The FAQs below give an overview of them, but if you would like any further information please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

1) What can the portable garages for cars be used for?

To store absolutely anything really! Both domestic customers and companies use our portable garages and carports to keep all sorts of things undercover to remain protected, clean and dry for the next time they’re needed. They can be used to house equipment and vehicles from ride on tractors and motorcycles through to trailers, boats, motorhomes, large commercial lorries and even helicopters.

2) How long do portable garages last and what are they made of?

We build our temporary garages and portable carports with storage to stand the test of time. We design and produce all of our products with longevity in mind and only the strongest and most durable materials, such as anodised aluminium frames, are used. They maybe called temporary but some of our buildings have been up for over 25 years. Also, a portable garage with metal roof offers the same protection against the elements as a permanent building, so it’s more likely that the need for your temporary garage will end before the life of it!

3) What sizes are portable garages for car storage available in?

Our sturdy portable garages for car storage come in two main sizes. The first one, suitable for smaller vehicles, is 260cm wide, 215cm high and with a variable length of between 400-600cm long. Our second one is larger so can house more cars or bigger vehicles and has a width of 400cm, a height of 378cm and a variable length of between 700-1000cm.

4) Can I make my portable garage smaller or larger if needed?

Yes. As mentioned above, both of our garages have a variable length. This means that they can be increased and decreased by increments of 1m depending on your requirements at the time, making them extremely adaptable.

5) Could I have a portable garage with a side door?

Yes, if you order a bespoke portable garage with door, you can decide how many and where you would like them.

6) What colours are portable garages available in?

Our portable garages for cars are available in a wide range of colours. You could either choose a neutral colour to blend in with the surroundings, which is popular for a domestic environment, or you can choose one to represent your business and have a bespoke one made to include the company’s branding.

7) Can portable garages be stored away when not in use?

Yes, our garages are extremely flexible and can easily be retracted out of the way when not needed.

8) Can portable garages be used all year round?

Yes, if you are looking for a portable garage for winter then ours will do the job perfectly. They are robust enough to be used all year round, and have been tested against the same wind and snow loadings as permanent buildings.

9) So why choose Spaciotempo?

Whether you are looking for a portable garage for motorcycles, or a portable garage for a motorhome, boat or horsebox, Spaciotempo’s temporary garages offer a solution. They are extremely cost effective, flexible and robust and are comparable to permanent buildings in many ways, with the added benefit of being able to store them away when not in use.

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