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Spaciotempo’s semi-permanent buildings can provide stability; during Covid-19 and in a post-pandemic world

By 29 October 2021November 2nd, 2021Warehousing, Industrial, Manufacturing, Logistics & Transport

The global economy is awry. Aftershocks of the pandemic continue to be felt worldwide. There are global shortages in labour, supplies, skills and fuel and the cost of raw materials continues to rise. Whilst this is concerning, it’s nothing new. However, following an initial rebound, we know that the slowing is only temporary but that the resurgence will extend beyond 2022, according to the Confederation of British Industry[1].

With corporate investment expected to remain below 5% on pre-Covid levels at the end of next year, both the scale of the decline seen over the crisis, and lingering uncertainty over the longer-term impact of COVID-19 on business models remains. Yet, with so much disruption at play, how does this uncertainty affect the immediacy of business, when necessity for stability is higher than ever?

Ambitious firms across the UK and Ireland simply cannot afford to shelve plans for expansion, which is where Spaciotempo can offer a lifeline, in the form of our cost-effective temporary and semi-permanent building solutions.

Often overlooked, the outlay and overheads for these quick-to-install temporary and semi-permanent buildings is greatly preferable when compared with the substantially higher investment necessary for more permanent construction.

When faced with the two-pronged reality of the soaring price of building materials and hesitant lenders – reluctant to front up large sums of cash – a temporary or semi-permanent building is a clear and economically viable solution that will ensure business leaders can steer their way through the chaos.

Spaciotempo hold an abundance of stock at our central, Midlands depot and we have dedicated installation crews that are mobilised for rapid installation, nationwide. Our robust buildings are built to last, and can quickly alleviate storage capacity issues; or provide additional manufacturing space. With the versatility to build adjacent-to, onto, inside or around existing infrastructure and the flexibility to purchase outright or hire from as little as 3 months, our temporary building solutions are a stable alternative to expensive permanent developments.

With extensive in-house CAD capability our designers work closely with Project Managers to conceptualise bespoke solutions, that are created to fulfil your specific spatial needs. We can even provide insulation, HVAC, lighting, electrics and interior fitout as necessary, leaving you with a full turnkey solution, per your specification.

If you’d like to discuss our solutions with one of our friendly Temporary Building Specialists, call us on 01889 569 569 or try our ‘Ready to Build’ feature to submit your requirements to the team.

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