Spaciotempo can take care of all your logistical requirements, with our bespoke range of temporary buildings for logistics. Our innovative temporary structures offer a cost-effective and scalable alternative to costly permanent infrastructure. As well as providing temporary logistics warehouses, can install temporary structures that act as innovative temporary port buildings, temporary aircraft hangars and public transport buildings. While our loading bay canopies offer the ultimate protection from the elements for your loading operations.


Spaciotempo provides the perfect specialist high quality aircraft hangar buildings for a functional, commercial aviation setting. Our aircraft hangars are perfect for helicopter, aircraft, air cargo storage and air terminal expansion. While our aircraft hangar buildings are designed for temporary use, they have the potential to be used as a permanent solution to tackle issues surrounding lack of space. Relocatable aircraft hangars are available in a range of specifications, providing bespoke hangar building solutions that perform effectively in any given aviation environment.


Our temporary port buildings are available in a range of sizes and are designed and constructed specifically for a marine setting. All of our temporary harbour structures are constructed of durable aluminium framing that is clad in single skin steel panels and topped with a thermal insulated roof, consisting of an inflated PVC fabric envelope. Our safe, secure and scalable structures are perfect for storing valuable equipment and vehicles. We can also offer full climate-control options to mitigate for aggressive maritime conditions.

Loading Canopies

Spaciotempo offers loading canopies to suit all your operational and logistics requirements. Available in a range of widths and heights, our loading canopies can be used to create a weather-proof loading bay canopy to protect your goods and staff during loading operations. When used as a loading bay canopy, a retractable tunnel offers weather protection for stock and personnel during loading operations and if required can be retracted out of the way as soon as loading or unloading is completed.


Spaciotempo runs a reliable and highly competent temporary building service for the transport industries. When demand increases, Spaciotempo can give you the capacity to expand as the need arises. Our insulated temporary structures, when equipped with floors, windows, temperature control and artificial lighting, can provide the ideal solution for public transport facilities if permanent buildings are temporarily out of use. Or, they can act as perfect fulfilment or packing areas for the logistics industry, promising round-the-clock operations thanks to our superior lighting options.

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