Spaciotempo temporary warehouse structures offer the ultimate answer to any warehousing issues you may be facing. Permanent, bricks and mortar warehouse buildings can be a costly investment and require a great deal of time to develop. With a Spaciotempo temporary warehouse solution, you can upscale your business’ warehousing capacity virtually overnight, with vastly reduced overheads and a far greener footprint.

Warehousing & Storage

Our quality temporary warehousing and storage structures give you all the freedom of on-site, expandable, low risk, semi-permanent buildings or storage space that is as durable, cost-effective and quick to install. Whether you require temporary warehousing to meet an increase in customer demand, to protect goods from the weather, or to secure a temporary space during on-site refurbishment.

Warehouse Extensions

With Spaciotempo warehouse extensions you can enjoy all the freedom that comes with a temporary building. Scale up or scale down your operations as necessary, thanks to our rapid installations and flexible hire agreements. With everything designed, manufactured and fitted in-house, you can be sure of the highest quality temporary warehouse. Our temporary warehouse solutions provide the ultimate stop-gap to boost your business’ growth.

Chilled Storage

Our temporary buildings can also be used as temporary chilled storage buildings. As part of our chilled storage capabilities, Spaciotempo can provide steel clad sandwich panels, filled with 40mm or 60mm of insulation, which provide precision temperature control. While our unique ‘thermo’ roof is manufactured as a PVC polyester membrane envelope reduces heat loss or gain to your temporary storage building. Plus, we can install cooling systems to suit a broad variety of applications.

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