Temporary Warehouse Storage Solutions

Spaciotempo temporary warehouse structures offer the ultimate answer to any warehousing issues you may be facing. Permanent, bricks and mortar warehouse buildings can be a costly investment and require a great deal of time to develop. With a Spaciotempo temporary building solution, you can upscale your business’ warehousing capacity with instant space virtually overnight, resulting in vastly reduced overheads and a far greener footprint.

Our temporary warehousing is used for three main reasons. These include: warehousing and storage facilities, extensions or for chilled storage. Spaciotempo uses three main types of temporary warehouse designs, all of which are hard-wearing, durable and suitable for different warehouse applications. All of our temporary buildings can also be designed with bespoke features, to meet exact application requirements.

Neivalu modular buildings are designed to be used as relocatable warehouses, making them the perfect, bespoke solution for warehousing applications. The TempAstor temporary structures have a long reputation of providing a flexible, practical and quick to install solutions. The Oxygen modular buildings are the latest product range from Spaciotempo, with a stylish curved profile. Often used for temporary warehouses and storage, they can maximise available storage space in any warehouse building.

Our quality temporary warehouses and storage structures give you all the freedom of on-site, expandable, low risk, semi-permanent storage or warehouse space that is as durable, cost-effective and quick to install.

With Spaciotempo warehouse extensions you can enjoy all the freedom that comes with a temporary building. Scale up or scale down your operations as necessary, thanks to our rapid installations and flexible hire agreements.

Our temporary warehousing can also be used as temporary chilled storage buildings. As part of our chilled storage capabilities, Spaciotempo can provide steel clad sandwich panels, filled with 40mm or 60mm of insulation, which provide precision temperature control.

Temporary warehouse options

We have a range of temporary warehouse options available to you, including:

  • Neivalu – Specifically designed to be relocatable.
  • TempAstor – Off-the-shelf and ready-to-build.
  • Oxygen – Characterised by a stylish curved roof.

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