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How do I organise a temporary sports building?

By 20 July 2016November 8th, 2023Sport & Leisure

When sports buildings require renovation work, it can be extremely difficult to organise sports clubs or PE lessons efficiently. However, by introducing a temporary sports hall from Spaciotempo as a short-term alternative, it’s possible for works to be completed without causing disruption to your fitness routines.

Spaciotempo has a variety of temporary buildings available for the leisure industry, from temporary sports halls to temporary gyms and swimming pools; providing you with the perfect temporary structure.

Our temporary sports buildings are cost-effective, easy to install and available for construction to begin within two weeks. The following handy guide provides a wealth of information to show you exactly how simple it is to organise temporary sports facilities from Spaciotempo.

Building a temporary sports building is easy with Spaciotempo

Speak to one of our advisors here at Spaciotempo regarding your temporary sports facilities. We will be able to supply you with detailed information regarding our variety of temporary sports buildings. Allowing you to choose the most suitable option for you. From a basic canopy, through to fully walled structures, we can quickly and easily turn an outdoor facility into a fully functional temporary sports hall, gym or swimming pool.

After choosing the size and capacity of your temporary building, bespoke features can be added to the structure – such as translucent roofing for natural light or specialist lighting – to suit your sporting needs. Once you have decided the details of your temporary sports hall. We will be able to provide a quote, along with an initial site survey, which involves a member of our team surveying your site to ensure you get the optimum solution.

Planning permission taken care of for your temporary sports facility

You won’t need to worry about gaining the correct planning permission when building a temporary building. We can assume full responsibility for the process. Our temporary sports structures only require planning permission after 28 days. Yet, if the original building is under refurbishment. Planning approval is not necessary.

For those that do require planning permission, the process can take a minimum of four weeks. As a result, we are able to work with specialist town planning partners on your behalf. The planning team favour Spaciotempo temporary buildings due to the eco-friendly nature of our temporary structures. so your temporary sports facility can be up and running in no time.

We deliver and install your temporary sports hall, gym or swimming pool

Therefore, our fully trained team will deliver and install your temporary sports building. Ensuring it is constructed to the highest possible standards. Our temporary sports facilities can be installed with specialist sports flooring, heating and cooling systems, and fitted with break out areas for changing rooms and office facilities. Everything you would ever need!

Lastly, when you’re ready to call ‘full time’ on your temporary sports structure. Our team will dismantle the building, leaving your site in pristine condition and removing any hassle from the process. As a result, it simply could not be easier. So what are you waiting for? Make your next team selection a Spaciotempo temporary sports building!

Call Spaciotempo today to speak to an adviser and take the first step in obtaining your temporary sports hall.

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