Industrial Canopies & Loading Bay Canopies

The ultimate solution in covered storage

Industrial canopies from Spaciotempo are the ultimate solution in covered storage, and are ideal as loading bays, overflow storage areas and short-term storage facilities.

Our industrial canopies can be linked onto an existing storage building, creating a seamless loading bay area outside your warehousing facility, accessed by a roller shutter or speed door. Alternatively, if your on-site space allows, you could opt for a stand alone canopy, accessed from either side, and capable of accommodating multiple vehicles at various stages of loading and unloading.

The range of Spaciotempo building types, means you can opt for an A-frame roof for your canopy, or the gentle and expansive curve of our Oxygen roof. All canopies are constructed from robust anodised aluminium frames, which come with a 10-year structural warranty, and which are fully structurally calculated, to withstand the weather conditions, wherever in the country you are located. And with the benefits of canopy eave heights of up to 8m, you can guarantee being able to accommodate the largest double-decker trailers.

Key Benefits


Enables you to choose from various options including whether you want your canopy open-sided or fully-enclosed and the freedom to link to an existing building or create a standalone structure.

All Weather Protection

Pick from either an A-frame apex style or an expansive curved roof to provide shelter from the elements during your loading operations.

Rapid Installation

We know that time is money. Thankfully each industrial loading canopy is quick to install, which is ideal when you need shelter, fast.

Increased Productivity

All canopies can be fitted with powerful overhead lighting, enabling you to prolong business operations after dark, or even operate 24 hours a day, all year round.


Our industrial loading canopies are constructed from anodised aluminium frames that are built to last and include a 10-year structural warranty.

Room To Manoeuvre

Spaciotempo’s industrial loading bay canopies come in eave heights of up to 8m, enabling you to comfortably accomodate double-deck trailers.

Modular construction means that canopies can be enclosed on three sides, offering greater protection from the elements for your stock and personnel, open on 2 sides, allowing more flexible access, or even open on all four sides, providing a roof-only construction. A range of walling options is available for our industrial loading canopies, including perforated mesh – offering the perfect combination of strength and ventilation, and highly effective in windy conditions.

Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin Lagonda asked Spaciotempo to install a modular paint shop & loading facility at their manufacturing facility in St Athan, Wales

McCarthy Group

To give them the storage they needed to match increased production, Husqvarna UK turned to Spaciotempo. We installed their 85m by 12m temporary structure in a matter of weeks.

Farrell Transport

To give them the storage they needed to match increased production, Husqvarna UK turned to Spaciotempo. We installed their 85m by 12m temporary structure in a matter of weeks.

DX Group

DX Group

The development of DX’s logistics network, and the advent of double decker lorries, left the DX Freight operation with a problem so they turned to us!

Mars-Jones Ltd.

Mars-Jones Ltd.

We provided Mars-Jones Ltd. with a 13m by 19m loading canopy on a 6.6m eave. This included one wall of perforated steel cladding and a prefabricated Spaciotempo link, which connected to their existing facilities.

Sanoh Manufacturing

Sanoh UK Manufacturing Ltd

Sanoh Manufacturing needed a Spaciotempo loading canopy for the ultimate all-weather protection for their automotive tubing product.

Canopies can also provide a simple solution for short-term storage of goods in transit, either after delivery or awaiting collection, offering basic protection from the elements. Each industrial loading canopy can be fitted with powerful overhead lighting, allowing operations to continue after dark, and all-year round.

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