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1st in rail are a leading specialist provider of services to the rail construction, maintenance, renewal and training industries. To operate effectively, it is essential that they are able to service and maintain rail stock all year round, ensuring a rapid turnaround of servicing and regular necessary maintenance. By nature of their industry, 1st in rail are not able to transport train stock elsewhere for servicing – so the work needs to be done in situ. Thankfully, Spaciotempo temporary buildings offer the perfect solution.


The need to do work in situ, and in an environment which is weather proofed, and offers workers the right lighting and access to other facilities, means that the ideal conditions are a bespoke temporary structure, which can be constructed over the top of the tracks wherever it is needed, and for just as long as it is needed.

Spaciotempo offered the flexibility to install the temporary building on site, over the top of existing track, providing a highly flexible temporary structure which offers protection from adverse weather, effective lighting required for working conditions and the security afforded by electric roller shutter doors when the building is not in use.

Scott Jameson, Spaciotempo’s Managing Director, comments “The flexibility of our temporary buildings means that they are a perfect solution for maintenance applications, in the transport sector. Installed over rails, conveyors or other machinery, they can be quickly put in place, and removed when no longer required. It is simply not possible to replicate this with a permanent structure which offers the same flexibility and which can be customised perfectly depending on usage with features such as LED lighting, heating, cooling or other facilities such as add on office or washroom space.”

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Fact File

Who: 1st in Rail
Where: Kirkdale, Liverpool
Size: 68m x 8m on a 6m eave
Use: Servicing of train stock
Why: Ease of installation over tracks

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