Aspall Cider  – Temporary Industrial Building


This was a first for Spaciotempo when family cider making business Aspall Cider, required a temporary building to house a holding silo for use in cider production. To prevent the juice from cooling to quick we provided a 5m x 10m temporary industrial building, with perforated metal walling to allow for air flow.


Aspall Cider needed a protective structure to house a holding silo for use in cider production.

Therefore, they turned to Spaciotempo to deliver a truly innovative bespoke temporary building solution.

Spaciotempo’s Managing Director, Scott Jameson, adds: “Aspall’s holding silo houses apple juice which has been sterilised at 111 degrees, before it goes on to fermentation. After this stage it can be used to make one of Aspall’s two products, cider and vinegar. It is vital that the apple juice doesn’t cool too quickly so our customer needed a structure to insulate the silo’s surface area and protect it from the elements. But the size and shape of the silo also presented a challenge. Aspall was impressed by Spaciotempo’s superior structural strength and specifications. Resulting in a reliable, protective temporary structure able to withstand any weather conditions including high winds.”

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Fact File

Who: Aspall Cider
Where: Debenham, Suffolk
Size: 5m x 10m on an 8m eave
Use: Protection of holding silo
Why: To prevent ingredients chilling too quickly
Special Features: Perforated metal walling for strength and air flow

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