Avonline Networks – Industrial – Temporary Storage Building


As one of the leading network communications suppliers to millions of homes and businesses across the UK, Avonline Networks approached Spaciotempo when they needed extra space at one of their main storage hubs in Bristol. With as little as 1m grace either side of the proposed location, and a requirement for an interior racking solution, Avonline turned to Spaciotempo’s Temporary Building Specialists to tailor a solution that catered to the challenges presented by both their existing space, and business requirements.


Having maintained a close relationship since being introduced at the IMHX exhibition in 2015, Avonline Networks were well-versed in the capabilities of Spaciotempo, so when they found themselves in need of a temporary warehouse six years down the line, Spaciotempo were the standout choice.

Avonline Networks required a semi-permanent building solution at their headquarters in Bristol, to cope with increased demand and ensure supply lines continued to run smoothly. The client required a solution that maximised storage space at height, for storage and onward distribution of components that are used in the high-quality communication networks for which they are renowned.

Spaciotempo’s experienced designers quickly demonstrated that Avonline Networks requirements could be met and once on-site, a full turnkey temporary building solution was installed in just seven days, quickly alleviating the company’s storage space woes.

The unique design of Spaciotempo’s Neivalu semi-permanent building, along with its clear span roof, ensured that Avonline Networks were able to utilise the entire apex height that the building provided, whilst still providing maximum structural integrity for complete peace of mind.

The supply and rapid installation of this 15m by 25m building into a tight space, demonstrates the agility of the Spaciotempo team and their ability to deliver in confined spaces. Vehicle access was ensured through the installation of an electric roller shutter door, and the addition of a thermo roof ensures heat retention. Business continuity is ensured thanks to LED lighting throughout, which is essential in changeable British weather conditions. In total, this semi-permanent warehousing solution provided Avonline Networks an extra 375sqm of warehousing and will be used for at least the next 5 years, with the added flexibility to relocate the building between sites across the business as and when required.

Adam Thomas, Southwest Area Sales Manager for Spaciotempo, said, “With a company like Avonline, this building is also re-locatable so given the amount of different sites they have around the UK, they know that this could be demounted and erected at another site within a matter of weeks rather than months”

Fact File

Who: Avonline Networks
Where: Bristol
Size: 15m x 25m on a 6m eave
Use: Semi-permanent storage warehouse
Why: One of the main hubs for storage
Special Features: Supplied with unobstructed roof for full racking fit out on extremely limited ground space.

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