Bristol Airport – Logistics & Transport – Temporary Airport Terminal.


When Bristol Airport began a £24m extension to their West Terminal, it necessitated the demolition or restriction of use of the existing security buildings.

Because of the vital nature of security operations at the airport, they needed a replacement facility that was 100% secure and durable, but also could be dismantled after 18 months, when the extension project was completed. For a solution which met both of these conflicting needs perfectly, they called on Spaciotempo for a temporary airport terminal.


Spaciotempo was able to provide a temporary airport terminal building for the duration of the extension project which enabled security at the airport to maintain capacity as normal during the construction of a new Security area which would deliver a faster, more efficient experience for passengers. Because Spaciotempo was able to respond immediately, thanks to its in-house operations and installation team, and have the Airport’s temporary security building up and running in a matter of days, it was business as usual for staff and passengers alike.

Jamie Payne, Senior Project Manager at the Airport explains; “Spaciotempo provided an all-weather solution that was a cost effective, quick and efficient installation and durable enough to remain in place for over 18 months.  It provided a seamless transition during the building project in a 24 hour, 7 day a week operation of a 7 million passenger airport, not any easy task, but the Spaciotempo team rose to the challenge.”

Spaciotempo’s Managing Director, Scott Jameson, concludes; “Temporary buildings offer a great solution for airports where need is often shorter term. Our customers in this sector love the flexibility our solutions offer them, coupled with the durability and security offered by our product’s robust engineering.”

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Fact File

Who: Bristol Airport
Where: Bristol
Size: 10m x 15m on a 4m eave
Use: Temporary airport security facility
Special Features: Steel cladding and two electric roller shutter doors

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