C&C Group – Bulmers Ltd – Temporary Warehouse


C&C Group contacted Spaciotempo when they needed a large amount of additional temporary warehousing space for their export brand of Bulmers Cider. We provided an incredible 7500sqm of additional semi-permanent warehousing space.


C&C Group approached Spaciotempo when they required a large amount of additional on-site storage for their export brand, Bulmers Cider. To accommodate the increase in demand, not just in the UK and Ireland, but in Europe, and the Middle East, the company installed a new manufacturing unit at their production plant in Clonmel, Tipperary. Consequently, extra storage prior to distribution was needed, which is where Spaciotempo come into the equation. We provided them with an incredible 7,500 sqm of additional temporary warehousing space made up of 5 buildings each, 30m by 50m on a 6m eave.

Due to the uncertainty of the demand and the ‘temporary’ building concept, Bulmers decided to hire the building. This enabled them to be flexible and pay in simple monthly instalments, reducing any financial stress. After doing this for a few years and soon realising demand was continually increasing and ‘temporary’ doesn’t necessarily mean for the short term, Bulmers decided to purchase their temporary building.

Managing Director, Scott Jameson said, ‘The use of temporary warehousing can be a key enabler for growth in the export market. Semi-permanent warehousing solutions are both more cost-effective and quicker to install than permanent buildings, offering a viable and innovative alternative and putting control back in the hands of businesses.’

Fact File

Who: C&C Group – Bulmers Ltd
Where: Tipperary, in Ireland’s province of Munster
Size: 30m x 50m on a 6m eave
Use: Temporary Warehouse
Why: To accommodate increase in demand

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