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In response to surging demand from the export market Husqvarna UK needed to significantly increase production at its factory in Newton Aycliffe and continue to deliver goods directly to warehouses, just-in-time. When preparing for periods of higher demand, manufacturers need to consider where this equipment will be held, how they will quickly access components for production and even where they will store standardised product ranges following manufacture, prior to receiving orders. This is where Spaciotempo was able to assist with temporary storage solutions.


To give them the storage they needed to match increased production, Husqvarna UK turned to Spaciotempo. We installed their 85m by 12m temporary structure in a matter of weeks, providing Husqvarna with more than 1,000 square metres of additional temporary storage space to hold components ready for manufacture for customers overseas.

Joe Storey, Facilities Manager at Husqvarna UK, explained how the company’s production model enables it to have a successful export strategy, and why temporary structures provided by Spaciotempo are key in helping the business keep its production schedules responsive.

 “As a manufacturer we do have a standard range of products, but what separates us from our competitors is our ability to manufacture our products reactively, in line with demands from multiple different markets,” said Joe. “Although we do have seasonal demand periods, we have found over the last few years that demand is increasing, particularly from the export market. Part of our service offering is just-in-time deliveries to anywhere in the world so being able to fall back on temporary storage facilities during periods of exceptionally high demand enables us to effectively store components for more intense production runs as and when we need to.”

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Fact File

Who: Husqvarna
Where: Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham
Size: 12m x 85m on a 6m eave
Use: Storing of product for export
Special Features: Speed door for instant access to stock.

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