Inspired Pet Nutrition  – Food Manufacturing Permanent Storage Building


Inspired Pet Nutrition approached several temporary building suppliers before deciding that Spaciotempo were the only providers who could meet their exact structural requirements – specifically the 40m wide clear span structure that is fully manufactured in-house. This was to bring all storage in house for the pet food manufacturing company.


Before working with Spaciotempo on this project, IPN had no choice but to outsource as much as 1/3rd of their 15,000 total pallet inventories to off-site storage facilities and this was costing them a fortune, whilst becoming increasingly difficult to effectively control their stock.

Through clear two-way communication, they quickly learnt that Spaciotempo could meet their exact requirements and more, providing expand and flex infrastructure for them to bring all storage in house as well as distribute all goods directly from their main production facilities in Thirsk.

Not only could Spaciotempo provide the client with the 40m width structure that they needed, but the flagship Neivalu building boasts an unobstructed knee brace system in the truss, meaning that they will be able to maximise all available storage at height right up to the apex with the installation of a racking solution.

This was also one of the first projects where we have utilised the Z Flashing System for the client. The solution seals around the entire perimeter of the building, except for access points, to completely seal the structure from both rainwater and vermin. It is particularly effective on sites where the ground naturally slopes, and water would otherwise flow into the building.

For Spaciotempo, this is the widest building solution that we have ever delivered for a client, and we were very excited to hand over the keys to the new facility. With phase 1 and phase 2 wrapped up within just 7 weeks, the structure now measures a very impressive 40m (W) x 90m (L) and provides 3,600sqm of covered warehouse space. With construction of phase 2 completed, Inspired Pet Nutrition are now able to fully optimise their storage space capabilities as desired.

Throughout the two builds, IPN commended Spaciotempo on their communication and flexibility as well as the professionalism of their on-site operations team. Taking those factors into account, discussions are already underway for the two to work together on a second business site in Wales as a flourishing partnership begins to take shape.

Tom Tickner, Head of Distribution at IPN, reaffirmed that the quality of service from start to finish gave them peace of mind that they had made the right decision to entrust the temporary building specialists with their project. “The communication we got back from Spaciotempo was always within 48hrs and always really clear.”

He added, “Just as impressive was their flexibility – they were the only company we contacted that were able to give us a full 40m wide span, exactly what we were looking for”.

Watch the full video case study below:

Fact File

Who: Inspired Pet Nutrition
Where: Thirsk, North Yorkshire
Size: 40m x 90m on a 6m eave (two phase build)
Use: Permanent storage warehouse
Why: Bring storage capabilities in house
Special Features: First Spaciotempo 40m wide clear span structure / Fully modular extension

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