Linde Creighton – Manufacturing – Temporary Warehouse


Linde Creighton approached Spaciotempo back in 2016 for a temporary warehouse that was secure, during their new expansion plans. As a result, we provided Linde Creighton with a 30m by 20m temporary warehouse on a 6m eave. This included a prefabricated Spaciotempo link, which connected to their existing facilities, enabling fully access between warehouses.


Linde Creighton, who manufacture and supply powered access machinery, initially met with Spaciotempo back in 2016 at the IMHX exhibition. As part of a larger expansion plan, they needed a secure temporary storage area to house their powered machinery and protect it from the weather. As part of this, they needed the solution to be cost effective and flexible to enable them to change and grow with their expansion plans.

As a result, we provided Linde Creighton with a 30m by 20m temporary warehouse. As the warehouse, needed to be connected to their existing permanent facilities, we created a prefabricated link. This enabled staff to use the machinery in and out of both warehouses without the possibility of it getting damaged. Additionally, the building included a 6m eave that was unobstructed in height, allowing for full access from building to building. In total, the new temporary warehouse provided Linde Creighton with an additional 600sqm of fully flexible warehousing space. As part of our collaborative approach with our customers, we offered Linde Creighton a 5 year hire financial plan, enabling a cost effective and flexible solution during their plans.

Adam Thomas, Area Sales Manager for Spaciotempo comments, “After meeting Linde Creighton at our exhibition in 2016, I am very proud to have worked on this project from start to finish. We have been working closely with Linde Creighton for a while now, ensuring their every need is met. This project was a first for Spaciotempo, as we fitted our first bespoke link, which connected our temporary warehouse to their existing structure. It really is fantastic to see the finished building after working so closely with the customer.”

Fact File

Who: Linde Creighton
Where: West Bromwich
Size: 30m x 20m on a 6m eave
Use: Temporary warehouse during expansion
Special Features:
Spaciotempo prefabricated link to their permanent warehouse

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