North Kent Distribution – Logistics & Transport – loading Canopy


As a member of Pallet Track in the South East, North Kent Distribution needed to accommodate fully loaded 40ft trailers arriving at their depot through the night, before they could be distributed onto rigid lorries for next day delivery to customers.  Not only this but also pallets that had been collected during the day and stored in the warehouse needed to be loaded onto the 40ft trailers for the long journey north. The solution was to install a Spaciotempo loading canopy for the ultimate all-weather protection.


Scott Jameson, Spaciotempo’s Managing Director explains how Spaciotempo were able to help North Kent Distribution with a simple but effective solution which would save them both time and money. “Logistics is, by its very nature, a 24-hour business, where time is literally money. The ability to work in all weather conditions and at all times of day means that our customers don’t lose time and money because operations are down. A loading canopy on a 6m eave means that even the biggest lorries can park up and unload, and the customer’s team can work in safe, dry conditions to get the job done without the risk of stock damage. The flexibility of a loading bay canopy means that you can have it configured to suit conditions on your site – so whether you want it with no walls, two sides enclosed or even three, we can do that.”

Gary Knight, MD of North Kent Distribution adds, “Unfavourable weather meant the risk of damaged product and late deliveries. Our new loading canopy acts like a big umbrella for all our loading and unloading operations, enabling these works to go ahead in time, whatever the weather, whatever the time of day.”

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Fact File

Who: North Kent Distribition
Where: Gravesend, Kent
Size: 30m x 15m on a 6m eave
Use: Loading Canopy
Special Features: 6m eave height to accommodate double decker lorries.

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