Royal Stoke Hospital


During the height of the pandemic, the British government were forced to bring in a string of unprecedented measures, such as social distancing, to minimise transmission of coronavirus and ensure that hospitals had adequate capacity to treat patients.

With frontline workers inevitably amongst those unable to abide by the government’s request to work from home, many hospitals had to adapt their welfare areas to accommodate personnel taking breaks from demanding shifts.


Royal Stoke Hospital decided to take their adaptations a step further than most medical institutions and approached Spaciotempo to provide a solution that could make use of extra space on site, to better ensure the welfare and safety of personnel, by creating spaces that allowed for improved social distancing.

Following a site consultation, Spaciotempo set about designing two bespoke buildings that maximised the available space on which they were to be sited. The resultant proposal was swiftly approved by the client and during the back end of the year, two fully-fitted structures, measuring 5m x 15m x 3m and 8m x 8m x 3m were installed to provide an extra 139sqm of much-needed breakout space, for staff that were stretched to breaking point as a result of treating Covid affected patients.

Taking just 2 weeks to erect and fit-out, these structures had an external aesthetic in keeping with the hospital surrounds and were complete with groundworks, internal lighting, electrics, doors and fire doors, HVAC and flooring, to serve as relaxing spaces that can be used year-round. As semi-permanent buildings, the facilities give a degree of longevity that will easily outlive the pandemic, providing Royal Stoke Hospital with much needed extra space – to use however they wish – long after the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19.

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Fact File

Who: Royal Stoke Hospital
Where: Stoke-on-Trent
Building One: 15m x 5m
Building Two: 8m x 8m
Use: Relief welfare facilities
Features: Full turn-key project including electrics, flooring, lighting and HVAC