Sterling Solutions – Temporary Warehousing and Storage


Sterling Solutions needed space to purchase paper reels in bulk and store them until needed rather than paying a distribution, warehousing and logistics company to store paper on their behalf. The solution had to meet Sterling’s immediate need and provide flexibility for the future.


We supplied a 25m x 35m temporary warehouse on an 8m eave, as a semi- permanent application. This was installed on a dedicated raised and levelled concrete pad, purpose designed by structural engineers.

For Sterling Solutions, the height of the building was crucial for cost-effective storage of stock at height. Richard Norman, Head of Change Management explains, “A real benefit of Spaciotempo’s temporary building is its lateral bracing. Having eight metres of height at the eaves gives a storage capacity of over 12 metres at the apex thanks to the small lateral bracing system.”

“The competitors’ alternative has a snowband at eave height which is a real inhibitor, both for lorries, and for stacking products at height. With Spaciotempo, we could bring all our storage needs in-house, and stack our stock as cost effectively as possible, saving money and vital space. We have all the advantages of a permanent building but with none of the drawbacks.”

Scott Jameson, Managing Director at Spaciotempo adds, “We like to work collaboratively with our customers and take the time to get to know their business so we can deliver the right spec for their long term need. At Sterling, we even secured planning consent through our planning consultants, ensuring the building complied with the same building regulations as a permanent structure.”

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Fact File

Who: Sterling Solutions
Where: Kettering
Size: 25m x 35m on an 8m eave
Use: Temporary Warehouse
Why: Lack of onsite storage

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