Unipres (UK) Ltd – Manufacturing  – Temporary Warehousing and Storage


Japan’s leading stamping company Unipres, needed extra storage space at their Sunderland site, due to them outgrowing their current warehouse. The 30m by 80m temporary warehouse structure is being hired by Unipres (UK) Ltd to provide a short-term solution to increasing storage demands.


Due to an upsurge in demand, Unipres (UK) Ltd needed to increase their onsite storage. So, Spaciotempo offered a collaborative approach which utilised their existing concrete pad saving on time and costs. We provided Unipres with a 30m x 80m on a 6m eave temporary storage structure. Therefore, providing an extra 2400sqm of flexible, adaptable temporary storage space.

They wanted a temporary building solution that was flexible and cost effective however, still aesthetically pleasing due to its global status. So, they turned to us, a leading temporary building supplier, with over 40 years of experience. Spaciotempo were the only company to be able to offer a clear 30m span building. This allowed the customer to utilise the full building for storage, without any internal uprights restricting racking location or forklift operation.

Our temporary storage buildings allow you to increase your facilities, as you need them. We can offer a hire contract with low upfront costs and manufacture our own designs; thereby delivering a perfectly bespoke temporary building perfect for your needs. For Unipres (UK) Ltd the temporary building had a fabricated link tunnel, 5.5m by 4.5m, connecting the temporary storage building to their existing permanent brick building.

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Fact File

Who: Unipres (UK) Ltd
Where: Sunderland, Tyne & Wear
Size: 30m x 80m on a 6m eave
Use: Temporary Warehousing and Storage
Why: Lack of space due to customer demand

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